The 3 C's of Photo Sharing

Here are a few tips for creative photo sharing!

Every photo tells a story. Chances are you share a few photos to get that story out. But, do you follow any rules when you share your photos? Creative photo sharing requires that you take a few simple tips to heart. These three C's help your photos stand out. Try them the next time you start a photo sharing project.

1. Captions

Consider this -- you receive an email from a friend and it contains nearly one hundred unnamed pictures. Many of them feature the same individuals and you're not quite sure, but it looks like the backdrop is a park. How interested are you?

Photo sharing has a purpose. If you didn't want the recipients to have details about the photos, why bother sending them in the first place? Take the time to go through each picture. Put some names in, add some details of the event, or add a fun fact or observation that you like about the photo.

2. Capacity

Let's look at another scenario. The family trip ends and you send all four hundred photos in a photo sharing email to every friend in the address book. Grandma opens her email and finds the same shot nearly five times. Instead of getting through the repeats, she stops looking.

Trust us. No one wants to see all four hundred of your photos. We know that they're just adorable; however, you appreciate them more than anyone else will. Pick out the best shots (the ones that tell the story) and share those. Your recipients will smile when they know they can see the great shots without clicking through half of the slideshow.

3. Creativity

And finally, picture this. An email invites you to view photos from a friend and the link takes to you a photo community that holds hundreds of photos. The page is white, the photos blend in and frankly, you're bored.

Most photo sharing sites let you add borders and captions to the photos. Sometimes you can add background colors and effects to the collection's web page as well. Your photos will have more visual appeal when you share them. The beach vacation photos actually look like a family vacation and every viewer loves the creativity.

Photo sharing is simple. But it should require that you have some patience and get through that pile of snapshots. The result: interesting, captivating photos that chronicle every detail of your special occasions. So don't forget the 3 C's for captions, capacity and creativity, and your photo sharing experience will be an exciting and interactive occasion for you and your friends!

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